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I’m a giver, a teacher if you will. I absolutely love offering up my services to young teens in need. A hot young stud came up to me the other day and confessed he was about to have sex for the first time and he was nervous. I told him to stop by the house and I’d help him out. You see I have plenty of other givers in my life so I knew someone would be willing to assist me on this lesson.

When he got there I introduced him to my friend. She’s a gorgeous little thing with a ton of experience. She took off all her clothes so he could get familiar with her body. I showed him the proper way to suck on a nipple to make it so hard it could cut glass. We went through a bunch of different positions just to build his confidence.

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I’m not normally a snob about most things. Well, not unless we’re talking about adult entertainment. To me it’s an art form, the art of getting me off! I accept nothing but perfection. Any whore can get in front of a webcam and score a few views but I value production quality. I want to be swept away into some digital wet dream, not a nasty cunt nightmare!

I’m so lucky to have found this site called Ultra Films. Granted, the name sounds a little cheesy, but they mean what they say. These scenes are the most gorgeously created porn videos I have ever seen. Nothing beats these! To get all technical, I mean these are all shot in 4K Ultra HD with 60fps.

The models are all European and fall between the ages of 18-25. While you’ll get the traditional boy on girl scenes, Ultra Films also has these girls doing the full spectrum of naughty acts like threesomes, orgies, anal, and plenty of girl on girl!

Right now you can use this discount link to Ultra Films for 50% off. Go get that Ultra fucking deal!

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Find, chat, and meet the hottest ladies in town with Fapchat! This is the sexiest dating site that allows you to view and enjoy different Fapchat nude selfies of women. Check out the stunning photos of our girls in all their sexiness by simply registering for an account. Within minutes of signing up, let your eyes be blessed with countless nude selfies of the sexiest, thickest, and smoothest women around the world. White, black, Asian, Indian, they all have it there.

Let your imagination run wild

The photos are all yours when you sign up. Do whatever you want while scrolling through an endless feed of Fapchat nude selfies, just make sure to enjoy yourself! These women will gladly offer you photos of their slender and thick bodies, and you’ll be glad to discover them! Fapchat also allows you to chat with other sexy ladies from anywhere in the world. Share photos and get to know each other! You can also enjoy the sexiest video calls as both of you fulfill all the fantasies that run inside your head.

If you love to see nude selfies of all the lusty women we can offer, go ahead and sign up for an account from the Fapchat website.

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Take a look at this gorgeous tattooed babe. Wouldn’t you just love to sink your cock into that pretty pink pussy? She has it spread wide open for you, she clearly wants it. What’s stopping you from fucking her right now?

OK, yeah I get it. You’re stuck at home. You don’t have a clue where she is, or how to go about getting into that tight wet cunt of hers, or surely you would.

Well, all you have to do is click here to save up to 25% on Holo Girls with this discount link, and you can virtually fuck her as much as you like.

Not just her of course, there are tons of gorgeous pornstars featured here, including some of the top names in the business. You can use their tags and other easy-to-use search features to find exactly what you’re looking for at any given moment to ensure you have the time of your life.

With high quality videos shot in crystal clear HD quality, the entire experience is meant to make you feel like you’re in the scene. Act out your deepest hottest fantasies now!


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As a fan of candid amateur porn Net Video Girls was an instant hit with me. There are far too many fake amateur porn sites on the net in my opinion. To be blatantly honest, even one fake amateur site would have been too many for my liking as I actually get quite pissed off with anyone trying to make money off of false advertising.

Yes, all you fake motherfuckers, I am accusing you of false advertising.

What’s is there then that’s more than just what the name suggests? It’s that this site is not just a site but also a network. If I had to guess then I;d say this was their first site and they naturally evolved into a network once they started up more sites.

The significance of this to you is that your single membership purchase actually unlocks complete access to all of the network’s sites and not justthis one, so click this and take 50% off with this discount link to Net Video Girls.


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Nikki Sims is an Aquarius and hails from Naperville Illinois, USA.

This 34 year old also hails by the name of Next Door Nikki which might not be all that evident from this specific pic where she’s dolly’d up for a more glamour-esque shoot.

She’s a brunette mostly, often sporting lighter hi-lite streaks much as she does here.

At 5’4 and 119lbs she has a perfect height to weight ratio which is pretty evident from her pics and vids. She sports a voluptuous pair of double-D’s to compliment her 34-27-34 frame. And may I add that despite how perfect her tits are, they are in fact natural.

She certainly has been blessed in the looks department and we are grateful that she chooses to share her talents with us.

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As shitty as my title for this post may be, you’re not going to be disappointed when you grab your Young Sex Parties discount. This is one hot little number you don’t want to be without in your personal porn stash. They’re hot Russians, all young and dumb and ready to drink, party and fuck around with each other. Seriously, look at them. It makes me envy my youth again.

The price is good forever, as long as you continue a recurring membership, it’ll never get unexpectedly jacked up on you. What’s even better is, you get 18 sites for the price of this discounted one. That’s in no reflection of the quality, by the way, which is pretty fucking hot here. (If you can’t tell yet, I really enjoy party sex porn videos.)

Young Libertines, Casual Teen Sex, Sell Your GF, Teens Analyzed, Nasty Angels, and Old Dicks Young Chix are just a few of these delightful gems you’ll have full access to. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot porn deal on young sex parties and more today!

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Well, i don’t really look at their faces all that much when I watch porn so there’s that. She’s probably made up most of the points with the chest enhancement too.

What I really like about this pic is that she looks completely comfortable in the kitchen. She’s also aptly dressed in the matching colours of all good household appliances.

Tina Hot is the name of this new’ish kid on the porn block and yes, I think she takes it up the poop-‘n-stinker.

She actually reminds me a little of a waitress I fucked after a date I made her go on with me for spilling some of my milkshake in my crotch when she brought it to the table. She had a tight little body with nice long legs too. She didn’t do the heels though, she was a simpler chick, jeans and T.

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Somewhere out there some guy is taking an immense amount of shit to keep this beauty on his arm.

She quite literally took my breath away and I thought I was becoming desensitised to porn. What pleasantry to see that she is an exhibitionist too.

She is one feisty young woman with a perfect body, tits and a flawless face. The featured pose alone got my heart racing and cock throbbing which was enough reason to do a little research on this stunner. And if you know where to look it’s not that hard to find a decent Katie Fey discount.

I once dated a more liberal and adventurous chick with nipple rings and it drove me nuts as it did her since she had such sensitive nipples. I could run my tongue around those while running a finger along her snatch forever.

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Now here’s a site with some strict criteria. It’s nothing against other babes out there, it’s to stay true to the porn niche. It’s about authenticity and delivering to you folks the realest shit that can be found. There certainly could be a hot older MILF out there with a petite frame and skin so smooth it looks like she just entered this world. That’s not what this site is all about though; they want to be sure they’re delivering you girls in the youngest age bracket, 18-23 years old usually, and none of them are going to be taller than 5’4″ or weigh more than 110 pounds.

If you want to get in on a hot site with pretty little things getting nasty, here’s where you can get your discount for $10 off per month. It’s going to save you 34% off full price and deliver on more than 1,500 authentic petite girls getting busy in over 7,200 videos. Yeah, the collection is pretty big which makes up for the fact that there aren’t any bonus sites included with this deal. Piper Perri is one of my personal favorites; you can find that cute little blonde inside here as well. Have a look around and grab your deal on sexy petite babes today!

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Just look at this beautiful lanky fair skinned red-head. She has the look of class, sophistication and it is not just in this pic, her dedicated site is confirmation.

She is bi-sexual too and while she licks on another beauty’s clit, sucks a guy’s cock or gets fucked, she manages to main an undeniable sense of grace and elegance. It is the strangest thing and incredibly erotic. Perhaps it is that divine face of hers, like she should be an angel or royalty completely without inhibition, because she certainly does not hold back!

I didn’t give a second thought to taking up the discount to I am not just a browser of porn, I have been involved in the industry in a more professional extent and it has been a while since I’ve though “hey, this is different” in a way that wasn’t disturbing.

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Without further ado, here’s Bella Spice. Perhaps she’s a fan of the Spice Girls, judging by her age she may have been a toddler when they were in their prime. Teenagers and their nicknames right. At least it’s not some abortion of an upper and lower case jumble with some numerals replacing letters. Nahmean? B3LL4 Sp1C3 or some shit like that.

What does matter though and she does that well, is that she’s hot and that she likes to take her kit off and show us her nippy tits, firm ass and tight twat. This one gives the impression that she knows she’s hot and there’s pretty much nothing anyone can argue against that.

What I would also like share is the treasure I struck in my online porn adventures: There is the biggest discount available for yet in that it completely unlocks access to the entire prestigious Pacino network.

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I must admit I’ve always had a thing for seeing buxom blondes at their best. There’s certainly not a shortage of sexy babes who fit that criteria. One of my all time favorites by far though is the always gorgeous Jodie Gasson. This blonde stunner has what I’d call the most perfect body ever. From her luscious breasts to her stunning ass this girl has everything that a man could ever want in a woman.

It’s good to know that you can spend time with this girl whenever you like. She has her own site that she also shares with all of her sexy girlfriends. Her site is where you’ll find her 100% exclusive content and make sure you take your time checking out her videos and picture sets. Like I said she has plenty of babe model girlfriends and with this Jodie Gasson discount you’ll unlock access to them all.

While you won’t see Jodie or any of her girlfriends doing the deed and taking cock on camera. Not that it matters, you want to picture yourself doing the dirty with Jodie or her girlfriends and that’s all that I need to enjoy myself. Now you guys need to make Jodie and her girls happy and you can do that by joining them for some cheeky fun.

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Teens let us voyeur in their worlds of sexual exploration, fun and wild parties. At every opportunity possible these raunchy youngsters get stuck into group sex antics with insatiable eagerness and lust.

Since they hardly have any inhibitions at this confident and carefree age, they take no issue by having their boyfriends fucking their best friends too. In fact, just about anything is shared liberally.

The high quality videos that members have access to has healthy average play durations of 42 minutes each. So basically almost full sized movies in their own right. There are picture sets available too at an average of 180 pics per set. All content is also fully downloadable and the are no limits to the volume you may transfer into your own collection.

Right now, get a lifetime 63% off discount to at only $7.98!

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Defining the ideal fuck buddy

The problem with ideals is that everybody’s got one. That’s the problem with ideals. That’s like trying to determine what the real definition of “the best” is. Let’s face it, what’s the best for you might actually be a terrible idea to me. In fact, it might be a completely bad idea. The reverse could also be true. Do you see the problem here? Do you see why any talk of perfect, the best or the “optimal solution” is bound to be pointless? There’s just so much subjective truth amongst people. This should not be a surprise. Everybody comes to the table from different perspectives. Everybody has different experiences. We just have so much difference amongst us. That’s what makes life so awesome. That’s also what makes life so confusing and bound for conflict.

This applies across the board. This applies to all areas of one person’s life. If you are into the online anonymous sex game and you are trying to define a fuck buddy, you really have to look at it from a purely personal perspective. Don’t pay attention to what other people are saying. In many cases a lot of the things that they’re saying, a lot of the things that are important to them make no sense to you. Do you see where I’m coming from? You need to pay attention to your own particular set of circumstances and make the call that way. A fuck buddy that makes sense in your situation may not make much sense to somebody else. After all, there are in a different stage of their life, they have different things going on and they have different values.

That’s all fine and good. This is why it’s really important to pay attention to what makes sense to you and also come up with a mutually acceptable solution. You can’t force somebody to be a sex buddy. If you try to do that you’re getting into sexual slavery and you should expect a few years behind bars. It has to make sense on a mutual basis. However if you’re going to try to develop this kind of friendship, make sure you use and make sure that it makes sense from your own personal perspective.

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