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Defining the ideal fuck buddy

The problem with ideals is that everybody’s got one. That’s the problem with ideals. That’s like trying to determine what the real definition of “the best” is. Let’s face it, what’s the best for you might actually be a terrible idea to me. In fact, it might be a completely bad idea. The reverse could also be true. Do you see the problem here? Do you see why any talk of perfect, the best or the “optimal solution” is bound to be pointless? There’s just so much subjective truth amongst people. This should not be a surprise. Everybody comes to the table from different perspectives. Everybody has different experiences. We just have so much difference amongst us. That’s what makes life so awesome. That’s also what makes life so confusing and bound for conflict.

This applies across the board. This applies to all areas of one person’s life. If you are into the online anonymous sex game and you are trying to define a fuck buddy, you really have to look at it from a purely personal perspective. Don’t pay attention to what other people are saying. In many cases a lot of the things that they’re saying, a lot of the things that are important to them make no sense to you. Do you see where I’m coming from? You need to pay attention to your own particular set of circumstances and make the call that way. A fuck buddy that makes sense in your situation may not make much sense to somebody else. After all, there are in a different stage of their life, they have different things going on and they have different values.

That’s all fine and good. This is why it’s really important to pay attention to what makes sense to you and also come up with a mutually acceptable solution. You can’t force somebody to be a sex buddy. If you try to do that you’re getting into sexual slavery and you should expect a few years behind bars. It has to make sense on a mutual basis. However if you’re going to try to develop this kind of friendship, make sure you use and make sure that it makes sense from your own personal perspective.

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