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Want to hear my secret? well, how about you tell me yours first. I think it’s only fair that we both share our passion for sex chat because we might as well be honest and open about it. The real deal might be what we’re all aiming for, but what are we supposed to do when that is well and truly out of reach?

Many of you would bust a nut at the mere thought of domination sex text chat so I know just how eager you are for it. This isn’t the time nor the place for the faint of heart. This is where all of your sexual desires come to reality so how about you strap yourself in and enjoy the ride while you make this a moment to remember.

A good girl isn’t going to beg you for it, but a naughty girl is going to make you work for it. She is going to take complete control and she is going to use it to her advantage. You might end up taking the punishment of a lifetime and yet, you know that is all that it takes to make you come back and beg for more!

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